Long After-glow Products           

    Glow in the dark products are phosphorescent materials that continue to glow even after the light source is removed. Light energy is absorbed by the material and stored. When the light source is removed, the material can still glow and last for a long period of time.  

   NanoBright is able to develop long after-glow phosphors and with our advanced surface-coating technology, our phosphors are stable in both solvent and  water-based medium. We are able to apply our phosphors to many applications in both indoor and outdoor use

  Long after-glow paints are paints that continue to glow even after the excitation source is removed.

Applications of long after-glow paint :

  • Safety paints - Highways, airports, buildings.
  • Marine paints - ships hull, ship decks, buoys.
  • Signs - safety signs, exit signs, warning labels.
         Long after-glow paint


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Other applications of long after-glow materials includes the following :
  • Plastics - used in directional signs and consumer products
  • Tiles - used in bathrooms, kitchen areas. and pathways to provide lighting in the dark.
  • Artifacts - used in drawings and paintings.

Glow in the dark signs

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