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Below is a short summary of the product applications that NanoBright is developing or intends to develop with its partners.

Long After-glow products

Products that glow in the dark without the need for any power source can be an ideal solution in cases of black-outs or where reliable lighting is absent in some developing countries..More details...

Fluorescent inks

The ability to fluoresce under certain light frequency is an attractive and simple method to detect fraud. Fluorescent inks  have been used to authenticate currency notes and valuables like paintings and wines. NanoBright is able to provide these existing technologies as well as to develop new security ink with our near infra-red up-conversion nano-particles.....More details...

Fluorescent films

NanoBright is developing a fluorescent film that will be used in the enhancements of solar cells. However fluorescent films have also been used in other areas like agricultural greenhouse films where the harmful UV light is converted to a more usable light and thereby improving productivity…....More details...

Electro-luminescent lights

Electro-luminescent lights or EL lights can be powered on with a very small voltage and is a good replacement for the current neon lights used for decorations and advertisements..More details...


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