Electro-luminescent Lights         

  Electroluminescent (EL) light, also called flexible neon wire, is a cool rope light. It is a new generation product in global lighting and display industry. Wrapped by colorful plastic tube, on its surface, its appearance is similar to a common phone wire. It emits light along its entire length but without any heat radiation. It consumes much lower power, just 60-70% of LED lamp and 1-10% of neon light. It opens a new era in lighting and display field featured with energy saving, environmental protection and health.

Applications using EL Wires :

  • Safety rope – fire rescue, forests, mining, underwater.

  • Advertising - picture and logo, shop window, door, furniture, wall, roof, etc.

  • Decorations - car, boat and other decorations: indoor and outdoor, number display.

  • Safety & Directional Signs - stair, passage, door plate, temporary marks.

  • Toys and Apparels - toy, art and handcraft, sport article, garment, electrical appliance.

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